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Life Insurance

Life Insurance is not for the dead, it is for the people who live,
who you love, who you care for...

The amount of insurance required depends on many factors. It is calculated to provide for your family’s current and future needs, such as mortgage payments, loan payments, children’s education, day care needs, tax, funeral expenses and probate costs etc.

There are three kind of life insurance products, namely Term, Whole Life and Universal Life.


Term Life is cheaper compared to permanent life policies, and this is an ideal low cost financial solution for short term needs such as outstanding Mortgages, debts, children’s education and other expenses etc. It also could be used for key person & buy-sell agreement in partnership business.

It provides a low cost insurance coverage for a specific period or term (10, 15, 20 years) and if death occurs to the insured during that period, the beneficiary gets the insured amount.

The benefits of renewable and convertible term life:

Renewable term policy can be renewed at the completion of every term without any medical evidence (for the new premium) until the stipulated age is reached, for example, if the age limit for renewal is 75 years, Term Life can not be renewed after reaching that age. For renewal to be effective, term insurance should be active.

Convertible term could be converted to a permanent insurance plan within the stipulated age limit without any medical evidence as long as the policy is active.

Learn more about Term Life Insurance!

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Whole Life is a permanent insurance plan, and unlike term insurance this remains in force until death without any increase in premium as long as the initially set premium is paid. Premiums for whole life insurance is higher than Term Insurance.

The benefits of whole life insurance:

  • Tax deferred cash value
  • Death benefit never decreases
  • Premium never increases
  • Could be used for wealth management and estate planning etc.
  • Premium could be spread out for a longer period of time or number of years or until a certain age.

Learn more about Whole Life Insurance!

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Universal Life is also a permanent insurance plan but it has the features of Whole Life and Term Life, and it has the components of insurance and tax free savings and investments. Premiums for Universal Life is also higher than term life but it is somewhat flexible ( talk to your insurance advisor for clarification).

The benefits of universal life Insurance:

  • Flexible
  • Could reduce or increase the benefit within policy limits.
  • Better choice for wealth management and estate planning.

Learn more about Universal Life Insurance!

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If you don’t have any medical problem you could get life insurance up to $249,999 without a medical. You only need to answer some questions to qualify.

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If you have health problems, your life insurance application has been declined due to health reasons, or you are hard to insure, we can help you get up to $150,000.

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